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Property Refurbishment Success

Often people assume that refurbishing your home is a simple and fun task but they soon find out that the task can often be quite a tricky one and sometimes, a pricey one too.

It is important that you have the right builder with the right skill sets, one who doesn’t cut corners and has the qualifications with time served experience, to know what he is doing. TCG Homes have proudly refurbished many homes. We pride ourselves on our quality of work and the attention to detail. We may not always be the cheapest quote but we often prove to be the most cost effective, as none of our customers have had to pay twice due to bad workmanship.

Refurbishment Do's and Dont's

TCG homes will provide you with an initial home visit to assess the area in which you want to refurbish and provide you with honest advice and offer do's and don’ts before embarking on the project. There is often only one correct way of doing something. With our qualifications and experience, we can ensure each job is done correctly.

The benefits of this is that the customer will then have a greater understanding of what is realistic and what is not. Also, it should avoid any subsequent problems and maintenance in the future.

For example: Not tanking a bathroom properly or tiling over a wall that needs re-plastering. Then, having to pay again to rectify something and off course when something is done properly, the finish is always better.

There are also regulations to follow, something to consider particularly, if you want to sale your home in the future.

Property Refurbishment Increases Practicality And Enhances Your Home Comfort

With Improvements, you can look forward to increased practicality and functionality in your property. This could be through improvements such as a new, fitted kitchen, a new bathroom, or a conversion to create a study for working from home. When you refurbish your home, you can increase comfort levels for yourself and your family. You can make home improvements that will make your time in your home more comfortable, easier, and more enjoyable, such as adding more space, converting a disused room, or adding a luxury bathroom.

Improving value enhancing sale ability

With the right improvements and refurbishment, you could add significant value to your home, so you could actually end up recouping some of the money you've spent on refurbishing your home through getting more for your property if and when you decide to sell up. The amount of value that you add to your home can vary based on the type of improvement and refurbishment you carry out, so choosing the right builder is vital. You should aim to conduct the type of work that will add the most value to your home while also benefiting you for as long as you continue to live there. Refurbishing should increase its appeal in many different ways. This means that if you decide to sell up in the future, you can increase the chances of a quick sale as it is likely to attract more viewings, more interest, and more offers.

We do all types of refurbishments, small bathrooms, kitchen and bedrooms to large refurbishments, like complete rip outs, rewiring, plumbing, new boiler, new bathrooms, kitchen, re-plaster and paint.


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