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The lifestyle of the modern home owner is seeking open plan spaces that provide a ‘hub’ where cooking and eating is an activity rather than a chore.

The perfect design that offers an open plan kitchen diner (and often living) area where home owners can cook, eat and entertain with ease, in a large, light-filled space that most often will open out to a garden or terrace providing indoor/outdoor living. What to consider when creating a kitchen diner.

Creating Space

As with many projects, there will be multiple factors to consider where space is concerned. First, you should decide whether you want to create your kitchen diner by either knocking through walls to create an open plan area, or whether you will be adding an extension.

Design Considerations

There is a lot to consider when creating a kitchen diner. What style of kitchen will you go for, do you want to compliment or contrast with the tone of the rest of the house, and how will you adapt it to suit your lifestyle?

When planning the layout of your kitchen diner, you will need to keep in mind the basics of what each kitchen requires (fridge freezer, cooker, sink) and then add features around these items. As kitchen diners are a multifunctional space, creating zones that clearly defines each individual space and its identity is a key point when planning.

A kitchen island between the work station units and the dining table, is a perfect break between the separate spaces and making this feature usable is a must for example, an area to add more storage or an extra sink etc.

One of the benefits of having an open plan kitchen diner is that you are not sacrificing natural light by having smaller separate rooms. If your kitchen diner is to the rear of the property, consider bi-fold doors that open to the garden. The full-height glazing will allow in plenty of sunlight as well as offering views of the outside. A bank of roof lights is another popular option.


Bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes, as do the budgets to create them. Whether you're putting together an ensuite from scratch or revamping a wet room, the most important thing to think about is who will use the bathroom and how the design works for them.

Some key things to think about are:

Which do you prefer a shower or bath? Or need and want both?

Wet rooms are increasingly becoming popular.

If you like baths and showers, a bath with a shower gives you a flexible option.

Is space at a premium? Particularly if you have a large family, think about how you could incorporate storage cupboards or add a recessing wall and use this as a shelf.

The bathroom is generally one of the smallest spaces in the house, but that doesn't mean it can't be luxurious, even on a budget. Small touches, such as expensive-looking tiles or taps, will have more impact in a small space and won't be too costly.

Options for wall-tile types include glass, ceramic or natural stone. There are matt or gloss tiles, and you can have small mosaic ones right through to large tiles, which can make a space limited bathroom feel larger. Tiles can also be used to make a statement, bold colours or different finishes can have a big impact. If they're used sparingly, such as just around a shower or statement tiles as a strip running through plain white tiles, it doesn't have to be expensive and can increase the value of your home but most importantly improve your home comfort, which is priceless.


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